We had a leisurely stop in Gibraltar last Sunday, 15 September. (Yes, I am a bit behind…)

Nothing specific planned. Took a taxi/shuttle into town, walked around, drew out some Pounds at an ATM for use when we are back on the 21st. Moved along Main Street toward the cable car which runs to the hill top. (Rock top?) As predicted by several sources, the line to buy tickets was about an hour long. Various cabbies hanging around trying to sell tours. We passed. Walked on to a lovely botanical garden, then back into the center of town. Ran across some new friends from the ship, shared a beer with them. Then leisurely back to the ship.

Part of the intent was to scout out some of the basic layout and logistics; on the 21st I’ve organized a 3.5 hour tour, wanted to get a feel for when/where… Mission accomplished.

Some photo impressions of Gibraltar:

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