Cádiz Spain

This city on the Atlantic coast of Spain, like much of central and southern Spain, is an interesting mix of European and Moorish influences, building on what was established by Phoenicians and Romans a few thousand years ago. Before my time.

We went on an organized walking tour for a couple of hours. I thought that there was too much talking, not enough walking involved. I get impatient with guides whose every fourth utterance is “do you understand me?” But she was likable and apparently knowledgeable and quite passionate about her city. (That is the way she talked. It was seldom “in Cádiz…” but rather “in my city…”) But minor gripes aside, it provided an overview. At the end we bailed out, did not immediately return to the ship, but wandered on our own for a few hours. This is another spot I wouldn’t mind returning to for a week or two…

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