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Cartagena Spain (again)

We had visited Cartagena last November and quite liked the city. The cruise ships dock just beyond a nice looking marina, a short walk into town. On this visit we went a bit deeper into town, found an “archeological Park” with nicely developed pathways up the hill to the site of various forts. Over time the city has been occupied by Phoenicians, Romans, Visigoths, Carthaginians, etc. A good natural port, a nearby silver mine, what’s not to love?

The major excavation has been in/around the Roman forum & baths area. An interesting walk through.

Hoping to get back here again! There is a nice looking maritime museum which been closed during both of our visits so far. Ample displays of public art, good support for the historical and cultural background of the city… All in all very inviting.

Some photo impressions: