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Amsterdam Day 2

Today we met up with an acquaintance from a Pentax Photography internet group. Henk and his wife met us for lunch at the 7th floor restaurant in the public library.

Amazing space! Afterward Meg and I proceeded back to our hotel via tram #14 with stops along the way for shopping etc. A good day.

The images below are a barely adequate sample of our impression of Amsterdam. A lovely place, crowed but great vibes and energy from all the visitors!

Amsterdam day 1

Arrived AMS 0800 local time, 0200 by our internal clocks. Decided not to tackle the train/tram connections that would get us to our hotel, given our fatigued state, took a cab instead. A Tesla 3 cab. Cool.

Rested up a bit, then took a #14 tram to the Central quarter and wandered a bit. Relatively few photos, I was concerned about protecting my new not water resistant camera.

An early dinner at the hotel, and early to bed…