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Tarquinia – Tuscania

We were docked for the day in Civitavechia, another Italian port “convenient ” to a major city, Rome in this case. With no desire to take a long crowded bus ride to spend the day running from place to place to get glimpses of all the major sights, we instead opted to join a small group tour into Tuscany. First stop was the excavation site of a cluster of pre-Roman Etruscan tombs. Then on into Tarquinia where we visited a museum based on the tombs and other Etruscan sites. The museum was in a converted mansion, a treat in its own right.

One of the features of the tombs are the wall painted frescos; several of these had been removed and installed in the museum as a representation of the original site. Plus pottery and other artifacts. Nicely done.

We then moved on to the small walled town of Tuscania. Had lunch, a wander through the town, a visit to an old basilica, and then back to the ship. A good day.