This was a Travel blog?

In the early spring 2020 I had brought this blog up to date with my recent travels and I was looking forward to a busy year of travel in 2020 and on into 2021. Meanwhile, stuff has happened; the Pandemic of course, but also our house was flooded (27″ of river water throughout) and so a great deal of our attention the last 11 months has been on recovering/rebuilding/restoring our home and contents. But I’ve also spent quite a bit of time dealing with cancelled cruises and the travel and lodging arrangements associated with those plans. And making new plans. And then dealing with those cancellations… More on our future plans in an upcoming post to this blog.

Meanwhile, I have been working another project: a series of photo books. The first one which covers our cruises in the Caribbean was just finished:

My thoughts are now turning to Europe. Cruising, we have visited 35 different ports in Europe. Before and after cruises we have often spent time in the region of the embarkation or disembarkation points, and we have done other-than-cruise trips, some of these associated with work-related travel. London, Rome, Paris, Venice, Naples, Florence, Jeruselem, Barcelona, Madrid, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen…

Years ago I put together a book on our 2007 trip to Venice, and then another book on our 2009 trip to Rome. I am not going to do one book for each place visited! I am thinking I may do one covering time we’ve spent in Greece, Israel, and other portions of the Eastern Mediterranean. Another book, maybe two, just on Italy. Another for Spain, Portugal, and coastal France. Another for Capital cites… One straightforward approach would be to do one book per trip. I considered this approach for the Caribbean book, but my intent is not to Journal our trips. Rather, I want the focus to be on the places we’ve seen. And many of the places are ones we have been able to visit multiple times on different trips. However I eventually choose to sort this out, I certainly have enough to keep me busy until our next planned travel in January 2022!

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