9-10 March in Buenos Aires

Saturday morning, recovered from our travel adventures, we set off with a 2-3 item list of places to see, things to do. First was La Boca, a somewhat gritty formerly port and industrial area. Over the years it has slowly been transformed to a tourist destination. In 1969, my first visit, it was colorful and distinctive, but not the sort of place to go alone or after dark. In 2015 Meg and I found a much softer neighborhood, but still clearly edgy. A lot has been done in the last four years, including the addition of artisans etc selling from booths along the streets, sidewalk eateries, etc. The colors are still there, and the place is definitely worth a visit even though it has become more touristy. We spent a good part of the day there and never got to the other items on our list!

La Boca gallery

And a second selection from La Boca

La Boca #2

Sunday morning we walked the the San Telmo street market, another revisit from four years ago. Our hotel is to the north of La Boca in the neighboring San Telmo district. A slight bit more refined, but still not posh like the Recoleta or other upscale neighborhoods with their Hilton’s and Sheratons. We enjoy the colors and vibe…

San Telmo

In the early afternoon we took a cab to the port area and embarked on the Celebrity Eclipse. Another phase of this trip about to begin!

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