Day 12 – March 9 Catching up…

So when your intrepid reporter last took virtual pen in hand, it was 7 March, Meg and I were in Iguazú, waiting for our 10:00pm flight to Buenos Aires.

It didn’t happen.

On 8 March (i.e., the next day) we were still in Iguazú. Flight to BA cancelled. So I was slightly premature in saying that the 7th was our last day. We lost a day in Buenos Aires, but had no specific plans. Rino (pronounced Reno) has been our driver off and on the last few days. At 10:30pm he says “no problem, I can find you a hotel room… And he did. Another minor speed bump on life’s road.

We had had heavy rains & thunderstorms that afternoon and evening, and so when we got to the Iguazú airport and saw our flight was “delayed” and later cancelled, we assumed that was the issue. The next day we found that Buenos Aires had also had heavy rains, a plane had skidded off the runway, and the airports was closed for several hours.

So we landed in BA about 4:30pm Friday 9 March about two hours late after a bumpy flight. The arranged driver/transfer to hotel had given up and left. Contracted with another driver. “Be there in 10 minutes.” Right. Left the airport about 6:00pm. It is about a 20 minute ride to our hotel. We got there about 8:00pm. The city was pretty much total gridlock, many streets closed due to day-long and ongoing celebrations of International Women’s Day.

Oh well. Arrived at the hotel. The small breakfast/cafe area full of people partying. Turns out that that a local gallery uses the walls etc. there for display of paintings, photos, sculptures. We had come into the monthly “opening night” for new works. So we had free wines, met the artists, bought a nice cat photo, and walked down the street for a wonderful dinner (brochettes – beef of course.)

All in all it was an interesting two days.

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