Day 2 – looking around

A leisurely start, then a long morning. Walked to the site of my mid-1950’s residence ( a small one-story house with big yard) which has been replaced by a fancy apartment building. I did recognize some of the old buildings that remain. Walked back to the hotel for lunch and then to the old downtown area. Looked for a specific gallery, They were closed. But a good walk, a good sense of the vibes of the city.

Some photos here…


2 thoughts on “Day 2 – looking around

  1. Sherry Cole

    Hi Stan and Meg – wow – we’re traveling at the same time. Johnnie , Johnnie’s mom, and I are
    On the Norwegian breakaway – 14 days Mexico ports and Belize ports. Anyway – we miss u guys – hope you have safe and fun travels… as Mickey would say – be kind to your fellow traveler and do something amazing today…. 😀
    Sherry and Johnie

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