Day 3 – beyond Asuncion

Today we hired a driver (Ramon) to take us to a few spots outside the city. Places I vaguely remembered from my childhood and/or read about in the guidebooks. There is basically one route out of town, slow but not as slow as it was for people headed into town! In many ways it reminded me of driving out of San Jose Costa Rica during morning rush.

First stop was San Lorenzo. Dad had responsibility for a project in that vicinity, we went out many times, but I have no recollection of the town. Went looking for a particular small museum, finally found it, it was closed. Stopped by the Cathedral on the way out of town to Itaugua, the center of artisanal nanduti lace making. Spent time in a lovely store, bought a few items. The proprietor’s 92 year old mother (clear dementia) was there to help along with the proprietor’s daughter who was mostly looking after the elder. We felt right at home.

Then on to Caacupe to see the basilica completed in 1988 and blessed by the Pope at the time. Destination for a major country-wide pilgrimage every December 8. Impressive structure, simple, a nice break from Spanish Colonial style.

Then to Aregua, the center for pottery and objects of clay. Walked three blocks, both sides of the street, lined with small shops and sidewalk booths. Bought a few small items.

And then back into Asuncion by a different route, a newly developed highway coming into the city from the north along the river.

A long day!

Link for some of today’s photos…

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