Planning ahead

A quiet Saturday evening, a good time to dip into the Rick Steves archives on PBS. We just watched an episode from season 4 on Tuscan hill towns and from season 8 on Dubrovnik and vicinity. Nice appetizers for our visits soon to come!

24 Oct, 2018
Had a recent discussion with friends: where would we like to travel?

My bucket list:
– Re-visit Alaska
– Norwegian coastal cruise
– Cuba?
– Antarctica? More than a drive-by, which we have done.
– African Safari?

Already booked and to be done in the next two years:
– Madrid, Toledo, Barcelona
– Dubrovnik
– Re-visit Buenos Aires
– Re-visit Paraguay and the sites I knew as a young pre-teen
– Iberian Peninsula (w/ visits to Bilbao, San Sebastian, Malaga, the Alhambra…)
– New Zealand
– Re-visit Australia (Southeast)

We’ll see if we are physically and fiscally able to do this.


4 thoughts on “Planning ahead

  1. Liliane

    If it’s of help your post landed in my email box that is ok but should it not come under stans-travel blog?Iain has is own blog on wordpress for years and be glad to give you any help you want. Regards. Liliane (spanishlili)



    1. ontheroadagainsoon Post author

      Thanks. Within my site I thought I had 4 pages so far. The front page, an Excursions page, and a Commentary and a Photos page. I thought my remark last night was going to the Commentary page, but I don’t now know where it “resides.” But I wasn’t paying close attention either. I will try another sample post or two today and see if I can establish the proper procedure. And I do have two How-To books I should look at…



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