Gibraltar (back again)

We started the day on the helipad on the foredeck watching the sail-in, ended with a view of a bride arriving at the church for her elegant wedding. On this second stop in Gibraltar I had arranged for a 3.5 hour small group tour (8 persons) . Starting at 11:00am. Which caused a bit of anxiety as we weren’t scheduled to dock until 11:00am. But gathered aboard a few minutes before 11, debarked more or less as a group a few minutes after 11, and on our way. Part of the timing concern has to do with the limited capacity of the key spots all tours expect to go to. Being toward the head of the line of minivans is a good thing.

We had a great tour, then were dropped off downtown where we had some lunch, a leisurely walk back up Main Street, bought some Cornish Pasties to take aboard, and then back to the ship. A good day!

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