Barcelona- turnaround day

Earlier this week we finished the first leg of our back-to-back cruise; turnaround day. Always a bit chaotic as 3000 or so debark, anxious about their luggage and transport and thinking about what is waiting at home… About 30 of us were doing the b2b and had less hassle but e.g. in our case still had to navigate the long lines of debarking passengers waiting for a handful of cabs. Fortunately a shuttle bus was available to take us to the World Trade Center, near the base of the Ramblas, and from there we got a cab to the Apple store. And then onward to our primary destination, the Picasso museum. This museum primarily features his early work. Quite interesting and well displayed.

One of the elements of the Celebrity Cruise experience we quite enjoy are the Beyond The Podium lectures/presentations. On this cruise, on each of the three sea days Alan Fishman, professor emeritus art historian, gave interesting talks. The third was on Picasso. A one hour thumbnail sketch of Picasso the man, the artist, the political activist, the animal lover… A very useful lead in to this visit!

Then a late lunch and back to the ship. A good day, and really pleased to finally have gone into the Picasso on this, our fourth time in Barcelona!

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