Lisbon Portugal

[Nearing the end of this leg of our journey. I have been using this sea day to catch up on my photo sorting, purging, etc. Now to catch up with my blogging…]

Our first exposure to Lisbon, a large busy seemingly chaotic city with heavy traffic and many people. Did I mention large, and busy? We look forward to future visit(s) to get to know the city better.

On this visit we opted for a ship’s excursion focused on the ancient aqueduct and related structures (underground catchment basins and reservoirs). We walked along side the aqueduct as it crossed the river valley, walked inside the aqueduct for a way, walked through the old reservoir… Actually did quite a bit of walking. The excursion ended back at the ship. We dropped off a few things in our room, then took a shuttle back into the newer section of town. THE shopping street. Lined with Bentley’s and Ferrari’s and other similar cars. All the high end shops. Fun window shopping, and Meg found a shoulder bag she has been looking for, about half the price she would have paid back home. So, a successful day on many levels!n

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