Bilbao – Day 2 (San Sebastian)

After an overnight aboard we had an early start. I had arranged a tour to San Sebastián, a largish city down the coast, near the border with France. Good beaches, the summer home of a 1800’s Spanish Queen (Maria?), and this has been a long time vacation destination. Today know for great food, Europe’s second-largest film festival (next week), and easy access with flights to/from most European hubs.

The tour was with Zach, a Detroit native who has lived in the region with his Basque wife for the last eight years. And we were joined by two other couples from the ship. We went first to San Sebastián, about 1.5 hours on a good highway. Then some walking within the city, back to the van for a drive along the coast with a couple stops in coastal towns. Back to the ship with time to spare before the 4:30pm all-aboard. A long day with quite a bit of driving, but the beautiful countryside made the ride itself quite pleasant.

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