On our way again…

Picked up the rental car this afternoon, tomorrow we’ll drive to Detroit for a flight to Amsterdam and the beginning of our next trip. This post is a bit of a practice session for me as I relearn the alternative means for sharing photos. Below will be (?) a few images from this summer. One shot from the practice round of the LPGA tournament here in July, then a few wildlife shots around our home…

2 thoughts on “On our way again…

  1. Belle

    Good to see your posts Stan ! I can’t quite believe where time has gone since South America. I hope that you and Meg are well and that you both enjoy your trip to Europe . Carl and I are at a standstill at the moment due to me finally having my knee replacement 4 weeks ago. It is now recovery time for me for the next few months but I shall look forward to seeing your amazing photos along the way on your European adventure



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