Status update

It has been an intense 2 1/2 months since we arrived back from our South America trip! Long story short – we did a massive clean out and clean up of our house and garage and storage lockers. Found new homes for many things, recycled or shredded multiple boxes of old financial  tax records, etc. Yesterday we hosted one-third of an architectural tour (three structures designed by the same prominent local Mid Century Modern architect: our home, a church, and an office building). And now back to thinking about past and future travels!

Our next long trip (Europe) comes up in two months. My short term task is to go back into my photos from the last trip, and to do a more thorough job of editing and refining those images. I intend to go back in time in this blog and revise or refresh the gallery links, add some better organizational tools, and plan for a better workflow and better reader experience on our next trip. Stay tuned, and think you for your patience!

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