Manta Ecuador…

Last night, about 10:15pm local time, we crossed the equator northbound from Manta to our next port of call, in Costa Rica. It was too dark to see the line clearly when we crossed and there was no bump at all, so we are taking the Captain’s word for it.

But the event, such as it was, got me thinking back… I have crossed the equator at sea southbound twice in the Atlantic (1955, 2018), twice in the Pacific (1958, 2015) but this was my first northbound crossing at sea.

Yesterday in Manta we again stayed aboard while Meg recuperates. She has what should be her final checkup later today. I spent time on our balcony reading, but distracted by the tuna boats across the way, by the birds flying by… The images below are yesterday’s except for the “fog bow” from a few days ago…

Formation Flying

Sea Turtle

Frigate Bird

Fog Bow

1 thought on “Manta Ecuador…

  1. Belle Caza

    The pictures are great Stan, sorry to hear that Meg has been poorly, hope she’s soon back to her happy self! … wonderful you have visited so many places
    … Belle and Carl ☺



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