Quiet days at sea, with a view!

After San Antonio Chile we had a couple of sea days. During which time Meg’s cough/cold got worse, so she went to the clinic aboard. Provided various meds, told to check back. Next day, her fever was down, a few more meds and advice to take it easy. Next day (yesterday) was Lima, we took the ship’s shuttle to a local modern shopping mall, browsed some shops, had a pisco sour, shuttle back to the ship. While boarding Meg twisted her ankle, fell, bruised her side. A few hours later she went down to the clinic. They gave her something for the muscle soreness, took her temperature, decided she wasn’t far enough along in her cough/cold/(flu) recovery, and prescribed Isolation for 24 hours. Better than Quarantine, but not by much.

So, until her temperature is “normal” for 24 hours without aspirin or Tylenol, she is restricted. Shouldn’t be too long, she is definitely improving rapidly.

Good news is that we are not in an inside cabin, it has been a beautiful day to sit on the balcony, watch the dolphins and occasional whale. And I’ve gone back and reworked some of the photos I posted earlier in the trip.

Tomorrow is Manta Ecuador, I may step ashore but will spend most of the day with the patient…

Wildlife spottings…

1 thought on “Quiet days at sea, with a view!

  1. Sherry Cole

    Hi Stan and Meg, Boy – I hope Meg is doing better. So sorry to hear about you and you are a strong lady… Get better soon. Sounds like you guys are having a great time… Wish we were with you guys on the trip… Great Pixs too…

    Johnnie is relaxing and I have started a swim class 3 days a week – water aerobics. Great class. We are headed for a drive to Florida – visiting friends and just a drive thru Jacksonville, Orlando, and Ft Lauderdale.

    Lorine (Johnnie’s mom) headed to Atlantic City for a weekend with Raven (Johnnie’s Neice).

    Then were headed to Orlando (our time share) for 2 weeks at the end of May.

    Well, keep in touch!

    Take care,

    Sent from my iPad



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