March 13 – Punta del Este, Uruguay (not)

A wave of disappointment washed over the ship this morning, dampening everyone’s mood. (Hey, it’s early, I am allowed a few mixed metaphors!)

Our planned stop in Punta del Este was cancelled. This is a “tender port” – i.e. there are not port facilities to allow a ship of our size to dock. So the plan is to anchor offshore and send passengers ashore via ship’s tenders/lifeboats. The weather is rapidly deteriorating, heavy rain, high winds and choppy seas made the whole tendering process too risky. So Captain Leo (aka the voice from above) decided to up anchor and head out into the Atlantic and on south toward Puerto Madryn, our next stop this coming Friday.

We had booked an excursion through the ship, it was to have involved a small boat voyage out to and around an island known for its population of sea wolves and sea lions. Even if the tendering operation had been feasible, it is highly likely that our excursion would have been cancelled anyway given the weather situation. So, an extra day at sea at no extra cost!

Bye to Uruguay

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