March 12 – Wine Tasting

Today we docked in Montevideo. Cloudy day, rain off and on, temps in the low-mid 70s. A good day not to be walking around! Fortunately we had linked up with a fellow cruiser who had arranged a wine tour. 10-12 of us in a large van/bus went with our local guide Ryan to a prominent winery. Did a tour of the cellars etc, saw some grapes on the vine, learned something about their production process, then sat down for a series of asado dishes with generous pours of a variety of wines. Hosted by the manager, the 10th generation of wine producers, with some assist from his father #9.

Good food, good wines, good companions. Managed a few pictures on the drive back, the driver was quick to accommodate my photo habit when he saw me twitching toward the window control. And we only got a bit wet walking from the port entrance to the ship. All in all, a nice day despite the weather.

Wine tasting

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