Day 4 (March 2nd) – historic downtown

Another warm day, temperatures in the mid 90s. We walked toward the historic center, eventually flagged down a cab and rode the rest of the way. [Cab rides in the city have been in the 16,000 – 18,000 PYG range; i.e. about $3 for a 10-15 minute ride.]

Our primary goal was to see the street art (both building sized murals and smaller drawings and grafitti) But also to just take in the city. Went down to the port area, walked around the Presidential Palace, checked out some small shops with local artisan’s goods, bought a few items, and took lots of pictures. Below are three links, the first to five general shots, then one to a small selection of the artwork, then the third link to a more inclusive set of the street art.

NOTE that I have not worked out a procedure for uploading lower resolution images, hence largish files, so your downloads will be slow. Depending on your browser, what you see at first may be only a preliminary rendering of an image with more detail to follow. Patience is a virtue.

Today Sunday March 3 looks like a day of leisure. This noon a local musician will be giving a concert, playing the Paraguayan harp, in the ball room of the hotel. Afterward we may just sit and enjoy the elegance of this fine hotel with its gardens and fountains and tennis courts and swimming pool… it is quite the place!

Asuncion Old Downtown (6)

Selected murals (5)

Full set- murals & grafitti (40+)

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