Day 11: Livorno Italy

E23ECE4B-188E-48D4-810F-900DBE027387.jpegAF29F404-D7B0-4174-B08B-B8BC4BBD20249D69DC02-A8FC-4ADC-862B-64AAE36293F1D56B0078-3389-4A09-AF03-34B27FAF31E9E521E23B-834B-457C-A2C8-8D5A6013FBCF.jpegA great trip with 4 others to the hill towns of Volterra and San Gigiimianano. Arranged through Tours by Locals. The views were great, the towns were interesting,  the guide/driver was entertaining, and a good time was had by all. So glad Cheryl and Jeff and Sheri and Johnnie were able to join us!


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