Day 8: To Montserrat and beyond

I had set up a “shared tour” through Spain Day Tours, destination Monserrat and then on to a Cave (aka Spanish Champagne-like bubbly wine) producer. Meg and I, plus, via the Cruise Critic Roll Call, Stan and Jeanne, and Jeff and Cheryl signed up. The company added another 5-6; disembarking MSC cruisers. Canadians.

But we did have a good group.

Drove to Montserrat , Guide Joe gave us a quick recon, and we headed up the funicular for higher views. Back down in time to grab a prime spot for the Boy’s Choir short performance. Then a tumble back into the van and on to a small Cava winery. Housed in a very old house. Interesting venue, good wine, even for those like me that are not wild about bubbly wine.

Back to Barcelona and we all went our separate ways. A good day, great scenery, interesting cultural tidbits scattered in our path along the way.

A few of the images…

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