Day 4: Gray outside, brilliant inside

We walked through a misty slow cold rain this morning to the National Gallery, the Reina Sophia. Arrived shortly after opening, no line at the ticket office. Proceeded to Gallery 206 and neighboring galleries, home of Picasso’s Guernica and related works. Very moving. The crowds began to build, random couples plus small guided tours with intense guides and school outings with what seemed to be 2nd graders, senior high students, and several levels in between. Kudos to the teachers who were finding a good balance between teaching “proper museum behavior” while encouraging exploration and creative appreciation.

We had a to-die-for cheese plate and a glass of wine at the museum cafe and walked back to the hotel. Some sunshine… Spent some time in the room regrouping, then onward to a pre-planned Flamenco Show and dinner at El Corral de Moreria. Used cabs to and from in concession to the still windy and chill weather. The food was excellent, the dancing was awesome! Limited photography allowed there or in the museum earlier, but I do what I can.

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